Matt Richardson | 7 marathons in 7 days | Race diaries 

A friend of OnVenture, Matt Richardson, will be taking on a massive endurance challenge starting on Saturday, 22nd July.

Matt will attempt to complete 7 marathons in 7 days at The Great Barrow Challenge. He is taking on the incredible feat to raise money and awareness for a fantastic charity called WAY Widowed and Young.

Matt will be sharing a daily blog with OnVenture following each of his marathons, giving great insight into endurance events, race preparation and recovery.

Day 2: Sunday 23rd July 2023
Start time: 9.00am 
Route: Denham flats – 10km course x4.


Matt’s Diary Entry:

Ready for 2 of 7. I felt like my recovery from yesterday went well. I had a good river dip, plenty of rest and a weird Polish Chicken Kiev with garlic potatoes wedges, loads of fruit and loads of coffee.

I woke up this morning feeling good and ready to go. My legs were a bit sore, but nothing to worry about.

Today I am running with OnVenture’s very own co-founder Sam (who is also my younger and much more mature brother), really looking forward to running with him and be nice to have some company for a few hours to dull out the pain. My oldest son Jake also comes out to give us both support.

As normal, I had a banana and coffee pre-race. The weather is a lot muggier than yesterday, but the sun is staying away.

We both get into a good rhythm early and are both feeling good. The sun does come out for periods, and I am sweating a lot on the second lap. We reach halfway in a good time, and I just take on water again as don’t feel like any food.

I try the cricket, but again it lets me down, so I listen to Tuffers talking about Warney’s ball of the century.


The third lap is much the same, and feeling fine, although when I get back to the Suffolk Running Centre at 30km, I feel a bit low on energy and a little sick. I take on a salt tablet, a shot block and a bottle of squash and get going for the final 10km. Within a few minutes, I feel fine, and we both power through and finish together in just over 4 hours.

A really flat course, the weather had everything from rain to sunshine, and it stayed quite warm the whole time.

Again Zig Zag Running do not disappoint with a medal, coffee and cake. I head to Bramford River for a dip to cool down and get the lactic acid out of my legs, and looking forward to spending the evening with my wife, children and loads of food.

See you again tomorrow

Forever Blue


Matt is completing his 7-in-7 in aid of Widowed And Young (WAY) a fantastic charity and one that is extremely close to his and his family’s heart, so if you can spare a few pounds, please donate to Matt’s Justgiving page. We know that Matt is extremely grateful of all of your kind donations, and it will drive him forward on each of his 295,000 odd strides he takes during his 7 marathons.