Matt Richardson | 7 marathons in 7 days | Race diaries 

A friend of OnVenture, Matt Richardson, will be taking on a massive endurance challenge starting on Saturday, 22nd July.

Matt will attempt to complete 7 marathons in 7 days at The Great Barrow Challenge. He is taking on the incredible feat to raise money and awareness for a fantastic charity called WAY Widowed and Young.

Matt will be sharing a daily blog with OnVenture following each of his marathons, giving great insight into endurance events, race preparation and recovery.

Day 6: Thursday 27th July 2023
Start time: 9.00am 
Route: Denham flats – 10km x4.


Matt’s Diary Entry:

Marathon 6 of 7. Following on from yesterday’s tough day I knew my rest and recovery needed to be good. I spent longer stretching, and in the river, my evening was spent with my feet up, eating and resting.

Today I have the pleasure of running with OnVenture’s other co-founder and one of my best friends Dan. As he has been training for Ironman Wales, I was worried he was going to drop me during the run and pace ahead.

I was pleased with a familiar and flat course today, and everything looked good, with the weather being cloudy and overcast. However, the humidity was punishing, and we both sweated all run. Other runners also commented on the deceiving heat, which made the run a little harder.

We both kept each other going, and was really nice to have someone to run with all morning. We finished in just under 4 hours; the only issue was that Dan officially beat me by 2 seconds.

Once finished, I rehydrated quickly and then started preparing for my final marathon tomorrow.

See you for one last time tomorrow.

Forever Blue



Guest Diary Entry from Daniel :

What a pleasure and honour it was to run with Matt today. I have known Matt for 25 years and have always admired his amazing running pedigree.

Funny that Matt said he was worried I might drop him on the run today. I thought the same thing about him! I was nervous about not causing Matt any problems or holding him up.

Thankfully, we stayed together for the whole run and kept each other going. The weather was very strange; it looked cloudy, but from somewhere, we were hit with a big wave of heat for the whole run. But we powered through.

The first two laps were great; then, it started to go downhill. A shopping list of pain took hold, but running with Matt stopped me from slowing down or walking.

Matt was solid throughout, as always. I ate a buffet across the 4hrs, whereas Matt kept things very simple and didn’t take any of my offers of sharing food.

I was very pleased with our time, considering the odd muggy conditions.

What a great day!

Daniel Coughlan 

Matt is completing his 7-in-7 in aid of Widowed And Young (WAY) a fantastic charity and one that is extremely close to his and his family’s heart, so if you can spare a few pounds, please donate to Matt’s Justgiving page. We know that Matt is extremely grateful of all of your kind donations, and it will drive him forward on each of his 295,000 odd strides he takes during his 7 marathons.