Get your teams back together.. for an adventure!

The past two years have reshaped how teams operate, making remote work a part of their new normal. Whilst there are numerous benefits of remote working – time saved on commuting, increased productivity and getting more work done, more autonomy and flexibility – there are drawbacks, too.

Here’s what you stand to lose when teams are split up:

  • Face-to-face contact;
  • Physical activity;
  • Social interaction and relationships between team members;
  • Creativity and innovation (because it can be hard to think outside of your bubble);
  • Collaboration (there goes teamwork).

Teams are slowly getting back together, but the problem is that it can take months for team members to build rapport and trusting relationships. This problem has been exacerbated when many businesses embraced remote and agile working and recruited talent from across the country.

Working from Home2
Working from Home

Fast-track team-building

Have you ever thought about fast-tracking team-building?

One great way to get your team out of the office or home is to take on an outdoor challenge/activity, such as a cycling tour, where the benefits are more than just a weekend away. It’s all about getting to know each other, overcoming physical challenges, and having fun.

Here’s what you can expect:

Excitement, anticipation, and lasting memories

The excitement and anticipation in the weeks leading up to the weekend and lasting memories and stories post the challenge are a huge part of why your team will want to participate.

Quality time together and getting to know each other

Quality time is anything that brings your team together and helps them bond. It’s a way to get to know your team better (physical activity and endorphins make people more outgoing) or even just spend time in the company of others who are important to you.

A physical challenge like no other

There is an opportunity to introduce some of the least active team members to sport, movement, and every immediate and long-term benefit that comes with it. There’s also an element of competition that encourages healthy rivalry among colleagues while highlighting their strengths.

Finally, they feel accomplished when they complete something difficult like a long cycle.

It’s great for mental health

With physical challenges, there always comes the mental challenge. Cycling provides an avenue for mental health management by letting your team blow off steam through physical exertion. Breathing in the fresh air will help them feel more relaxed and at ease with each other.

Team Work
physical challenge

Teamwork and communication skills improvement

The fact that everyone’s fitness level is different and each of them will want to go at a different pace will make your team communicate more effectively. Team members who are on the shy side or slightly insecure about their fitness level will be more articulate and express their opinions, worries, and little wins. On the other hand, the stronger and more experienced ones will have to work on their listening skills and be empathetic whilst encouraging their colleagues to keep going no matter what.

What you can do to facilitate this improvement is:

  • Find a common goal that everyone wants to achieve;
  • Create an environment where everyone feels safe expressing their opinions and ideas;
  • Encourage open discussion about problems with solutions, not blame;

Workplace happiness

The experiences mentioned above will contribute to staff happiness. In fact, there are numerous benefits to workplace happiness and health:

  • Better staff retention;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Improved employee satisfaction;
  • Reduced turnover;
  • Improved morale (and thus job satisfaction);

You owe it to your team – not only to shareholders

Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond earning money for shareholders. It’s all about protecting the interests of all stakeholders, but first and foremost – your employees.

By investing in the long-term health and well-being of your team, you will not only make them more productive, confident, and results-oriented, but you will also make an impact on their friends and family – it’s always great to be around a happy person.

teams together
cycling team together


Reconnecting with your team is not always easy, but it’s worth trying. Your team is a valuable asset; they deserve the best from you as a leader.

Getting away from regular work allows teams to bond over shared experiences and gives everyone a chance to relax their minds while enjoying nature at its best: beautiful sights, soothing sounds…and perhaps even an invigorating dip in a nearby lake or stream if you’re lucky enough!

Thank you for reading

Daniel Coughlan 
Team OnVenture

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